15. Advisory Panel

From the beginning, the Social Justice Practicum team from Adler University and Women In Mining Canada recognized that this research needed to be informed by and grounded in perspectives from the field and academia.

Adler University is uniquely focused on fighting for a better world. Programs challenge you to speak for the unheard, stand for the vulnerable, and work to change systems, not just surfaces.

The integration of a Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology dovetailed with Social Justice provides the foundational knowledge, perspectives, and tools to help organizations strategically uplevel their Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Women in Mining Canada is a national notfor-profit organization formed in 2009 focused on advancing the interests of women in the minerals exploration and mining sector, through our mission to Educate, Elevate, and Empower. In collaboration with Canadian Women in Mining Canada branches, they collectively support grassroots initiatives in the realm of personal and professional development, while providing a national voice within the global minerals and mining community.

Women In Mining Canada’s membership is composed of passionate men and women who actively support the minerals and mining industry and represent a variety of occupational trades and professions. To facilitate a feedback loop throughout the initial stages of the social justice practicum project, Adler University required a panel of advisors including education sector diversity, equity, and inclusion experts; researchers; Adler Master and Ph.D. candidates; and organizational leaders. Together, this group collaborated and shared knowledge, feedback, formulating key questions and hypotheses, supporting the creation and advancement of the survey, helping identify the most salient and impactful elements to support the next phase of the thesis and the emerging body of research in belonging-first cultures. The advisory panel input helped guide every aspect of the survey formation, connection with the mining industry, and the development of the study that ensues.

I am immensely grateful for the advisory panel’s generous contributions in time, engagement, constructive feedback, and productive pushes driven by a shared desire for a just and equitable world and workplace.

Advisory Panel Participants

Adler University Educators For Social Justice Sheri K. Lewis
Ph.D. Social Justice Practicum Coordinator
Solomon Comissiong Online Adjunct Faculty
Social Justice Practicum Program


James D. Halbert
Ph.D. Faculty Council Chair | Program Director for the MA in Psychology & Industrial-Organizational Psychology | Department of Leadership and Applied Psychology
Dr. Marina Bluvshtein
Ph.D. – Chicago | Diplomate in Adlerian Psychology | Director, Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship


Laquita Cole
Masters of Art In Psychology Candidate
Chanel Clayton
Masters of Industrial & Organizational Psychology Candidate
Minna Abassi
Masters of Industrial & Organizational Psychology Candidate
Angel Turpeau
Masters of Industrial & Organizational Psychology Candidate
Shobika Shanthakumar
Masters of Industrial & Organizational Psychology Candidate
Tracy Shaw
Doctorate of Industrial & Organizational Psychology Candidate

Women In Mining Canada Social Justice Practicum Site-Supervisors:

Catherine Gignac
Resa Furey
Marie-Hélène Turgeon

Mentors & Special Acknowledgements:

AnneMarie Ryan
Maureen Jensen
Andrew Carter
Brian Carter

Graphic Design

Veronica Fiorilli – Graphic Designer

Women In Mining Canada Board:

Resa Furey – Chair
Jennifer Koury – Vice Chair, Chapters Lead
Heather Cheesman – Treasurer
Angelica Mirza – International Lead
Valentina Marinova – Sponsorship Lead
Alexandra Hood – Events Lead
Melissa Ng – Secretary
Kevin D’Souza – Chapters & Partners Committee
Kassandra del Greco – Partners Lead
Mélanie LaRoche-Boisvert – Awards Lead
Jennifer Cameron – Communication Lead

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