13. Acknowledgements

The Mining Companies & Their Employees

While confidentiality prevents me from thanking the Mining Companies who have committed to participating in the Mining Industry study publically, I would like to offer an initial special thank you.

I appreciate those who made the investigation into a belonging-first culture a priority.

Your courage and dedication show your commitment to the advancement of the industry. While many were uncertain as to what their baseline of belonging would look like, their dedication to the industry, the importance of building the next generation of workers, and the significance of supporting leadership through change were moving. If all leaders within the industry continue to lead with as much curiosity, humanity, and empathy, the mining industry will remain strong for decades to come.

To the 3,508 participating employees, I would also like to acknowledge you and thank you for your commitment to the furtherment of this study and the industry. The time you have already dedicated goes above and beyond and demonstrates your contribution and connection to a belonging-first culture.

At a time where many are still struggling with isolation and lockdowns, amongst the fallout of energy and time, I offer you my deepest gratitude. Your commitment to furthering your experience within the industry is my guiding principle for furthering the belonging-first research and will be carried forward to the best of my ability. Your psychological safety and wellbeing remain at the heart of this research and I applaud your bravery and courage in sharing your authentic self for the furtherment of your workplace.

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