14. About the Author

About the Author

Andrea Carter is an Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Educator and Learning & Development Consultant who uses the neuroscience of belonging to support human capital, leadership, and inclusion intelligence. She is the CEO & Founder of Andrea Carter Consulting & Building Better Organizations. Andrea brings over 18 years of research and practical application to her training, public speaking, and proven methods. She supports leaders, and their teams, to create a climate of belonging so they can produce good work despite high-pressure situations and imperfect conditions.

Andrea has completed a neuroscience certification with HarvardX and is currently a Masters of Industrial & Organizational Psychology candidate, with a concentration in Human Resource Management, and a specialty in social justice. This whitepaper is part of her final deliverable for Adler’s year-long social justice practicum, with her thesis to come in the Spring, 2022.

Andrea is best known for her ability to bridge the gaps by creating collaborative working environments where people feel they belong despite differences.

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