Welcome to Belonging-First: The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Essentials Course

Knowing that ESG disclosures are top of mind, this course supports the social element and enables organizations to understand how to produce a return on investment on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) initiatives.

Without this essentials course, research shows that the required knowledge for impactful change will remain elusive and lack buy-in. It is our goal to provide you with simple workflow videos to kickstart action with supportive understanding.

How it works:

Each section contains a short 12-13 minute video, a printable pdf, and a learning check-in quiz.
After watching each video, click the “Next Lesson” button and you will flow through the course at your leisure.

If you need to stop, the learning system will remember your placement and you’ll return to the module you left off on when you return.

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