Women in Mining Canada Videos

2023 Videos

Kathryn Cheng, 2023 Student Trailblazer

Emma Plant, 2023 Indigenous Student Trailblazer

Freda Campbell, 2023 Indigenous Trailblazer

Chafika Eddine, 2023 Trailblazer

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2022 Videos

Anne Lewis, 2022 Trailblazer

Christy Smith, 2022 Indigenous Trailblazer

Maddison Konway, 2022 Student Trailblazer

Lawrence Devon Smith, 2022 Rick Hutson Mentor

Nicole Julien, 2022 Indigenous Student Trailblazer

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2021 Videos

PDAC 2021: The World's Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention

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2020 Videos

Women and men must stand together to reach industry goals

Set targets and gender inclusion will improve industry standards

We need the human resources now to cover the coming talent shortage

We need the best and brightest working in this innovative and creative mining industry we all love

The right culture is needed to attract women to the industry

It is time for change and together WIMC and Canadian mining companies can make that happen.

Recap the Women in Mining Canada 2020 Trailblazer Award Ceremony

Student Trailblazer Awards can provide the recognition for young people to keep going

Honoured to win the 2020 Trailblazer Award and be recognized by my peers

Mentoring young women can help them find their place in the industry and stay there

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