Chapters Support Fund

General Information

The Chapters Support Fund was created to provide funding and better support Women in Mining Chapters in Canada, whether they are existing regional or university Chapters, or future Chapters.

To qualify for the Chapters Support Fund, an existing or potential future Chapter is responsible for demonstrating the ‘need’ and ‘intent of use’ for the awarded funds. The initiatives for which the funds are to be used should support the acitvities carried out by the Chapter in order to promote the mission and vision of Women in Mining Canada. The following are the four (4) categories for which the Chapters can use the funds:

  • Event hosting: Includes but is not limited to room rental fees,coffee and snacks, printing services etc. Women in Mining Canada will not provide funding for alcoholic beverages.
  • Website domains and other web hosting initiatives: Includes but is not limited to purchasing web domains, etc.
  • Marketing initiatives: Includes but is not limited to purchasing merchandise, items and swag representing the Women in Mining Chapter, etc.
  • Start up costs: Includes but is not limited to seed funds for early-stage promotion, setp up costs, incoporation costs, kickoff activities, etc.

Note that these funds are designed to support the ongoing or planned initiatives of the Chapter and only constitute a portion of the overall expenditure of the Chapter. The Chapter is stil expected to plan for the funds required for their activities.

Women in Mining Canada will ask for photos of the activities or marketing initiatives funded using the Chapter Support Fund so that it can be shown to Women in Mining Canada sponsors.

Application Process

  1. Prepare a detailed report of the purposes and intentions of the iniatives and itemize the expenses expected. Some of the key items to focus on, in order to demonstrate the ‘need’ and ‘intent of use’ in the report, are:
    • The purpose/vision/objectives that the chapter intends to achieve
    • Events or ativities planeed to achieve the described purpose
    • Clearly itemize the expenses expected with detailed breakdown of the expenses
    • Plans for funding the rest of the budgeted activities
    • Any other relevant detail
  2. Submit your initiative 30 days before purchases and wait for confirmation/approval of funding.
  3. After approval, submit receipts of the expenditure; the expenditure must reflect the costs listed inthe report submitted and approved.
  4. Expenses will be reimbursed by e-transfer 2-4 weeks after receipts are submitted.
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